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Dining, simplified

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The one thing your guests are longing don't provide.

Did you know?

When restaurant guests were asked what they wanted restaurants to provide, an overwhelming percentage said they wished their restaurant offered a pay at table service.1

  • 25% faster table turns
  • Increase tips to servers
  • Build guest allegiance
  • Set your restaurant apart
  • Provide a higher level of service
restaurant pay-at-table tablet app

*Use with any POS system

“Restaurant operators are more rapidly adopting various forms of consumer-facing options, narrowing the gap between what diners want and what is offered.”

According to the National Restaurant Association Annual Technology Report

“Our research indicates that consumers, especially younger ones, have come to expect the availability of technology during a typical restaurant experience,” he says. “This means technology is very much a part of and facilitates decisions on where to dine out. So, wherever technology can be integrated, that’s a win-win situation for the consumer and the operator.”

Hudson Riehle, Sr. VP of Research, National Restaurant Association.

With Rezku Pay your customers can securely pay their bill using a smartphone. No clunky table top devices to maintain.

We provide all the equipment needed to offer pay at table to your guests, including two tablet devices. Most restaurants will pay only the initial set up of $499 (less than the cost of the equipment). We also include Rezku Tablet: a full featured front of house and reservation system at no charge.2

rezku restaurant pay-at-table system

We will provide all of the hardware and software you need to manage your reservations, waitlist, table management, and pay at table. Our products reduce table turn times, increase average checks, and improve guest allegiance.

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Front of House Management

Rezku provides all the tools needed to deliver a comprehensive guest management solution and strengthen the guest experience.

Rezku allows you to control your reservations, waitlist, servers, and table inventory while also streamlining operations, no matter how busy you get.

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The Rezku Pay Process

restaurant rezku beacon pay at table restaurant reservations host alert restaurant rezku pay code identifier connects restaurant to guest pay at table credit card processing pay at table transaction processed

The Rezku Pay Process

  • pay-at-table restaurant rezku beacon pay-at-table


    As soon as a guest steps through the restaurant, they will be greeted with a message that asks if they want to use Rezku Pay.

  • pay-at-table restaurant reservations host alert


    Once they agree to use Rezku Pay, the host stand will be notified that Rezku Pay will be used for the meal.

  • pay-at-table restaurant rezku pay code identifier


    Once the meal is ordered, Rezku Pay will give the guest a short code to give to the server.

  • pay-at-table connects restaurant to guest


    The server adds the code and the system securely links together to match the meal to the guest.

  • pay-at-table pay-at-table credit card processing


    The guests’ payment is processed automatically, leaving the server free to spend more time assisting guests.

  • pay-at-table pay-at-table transaction processed


    As soon as a guest steps through the restaurant, they will be greeted with a message that asks if they want to use Rezku Pay

Use any combination of these apps along with Rezku Pay.


2. See sales associate for details. Larger restaurant can get Rezku Prime at an additional charge.